Compaq Models

Please select your Compaq model in the section below to find the proper driver. If you could not find the correct drivers by yourself, or you are not sure of the device model, please contact us for help. Alternatively, you could try the easy-to-use driver update utility which could scan for your computer drivers, find problems and install matched drivers automatically.

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DQ048A-ABE S5190ES ES340

DQ058A-ABF S5292FR FR340

DQ060A-ABF S5390FR FR340

DQ078A-ABU S5150UK GB340

DQ079A-ABU S5190UK GB340

DQ081A-ABU S5290UK GB340

DQ082A-ABU S5500UK GB340

DQ088A-ABZ S5290IT IT340

DQ106A-ABA S5100CL NA310

DQ134A-ACJ S4050IN IN210

DQ178A-ABA S6000NX NA410

DQ180A-ABA S6300NX NA410

DQ181A-ABA S6500NX NA410

DQ181A-ABA S6500NX NA411

DQ182A-ABA S6700NX NA410

DQ192A-AB1 S5550KR KO310

DQ193A-ABZ S5300IT IT340

DT055A-ABA S6020WM NA410

DT057A-ABA S6220WM NA410

DT072A-ABA S6000CL NA410

DT076A-ABA S6200CL NA410

DT085A-ABG S6080AN AN410

DT101A-AB1 S6500KR KO410

Dt109a-acj S6520in In410

DT124A-AB4 S6150AP SE410

DT147A-ABA S5322CC NA310

DT174A-ABZ S5590IT IT340

DT250A-ABE S5360ES ES340

DT260A-ABU S5210UK GB340

DT276A-ABF S5295FR FR340

DT381A-ACJ S6020IL IN430

DT385A-ACJ S6040IL IN430

DT386A-ACJ S6070IL IN430

DW154A-AB1 S6650KR KO410

DW173A-ABF S6099FR FR410

DW175A-ABF S6289FR FR410

DW183A-ABU S6150UK GB410

DW191A-ABZ S6289IT IT410

DW207A-ABE S6289ES ES410

DW210A-ABE S6189ES ES410

DW223A-ABE S6099ES ES410

DW254A-ABA SR1010N NA510

DW255A-ABA SR1020N NA510

DW256A-ABA SR1030N NA510

DW256A-ABA SR1030N NA511

DW257A-ABA SR1050N NA510

DW263A-ABA S7300CL NA510

DW265A-ABA SR1055C NA510

DW269A-ABA SR1012N NA510

DW274A-ABZ S6389IT IT410

DW282A-ABM SR1010L LA510

DW283A-ABM SR1020L LA510

DW293A-ABA SR1053W NA510

DY026A-ABA SR1033W NA510

DY081A-AB4 SR1050A SE510

DY096A-ABE S6188ES ES410

DY098A-ABZ S6398IT IT410

DY116A-ACJ S6080IL IN430

DY118A-ACJ SR1020IL IN430

DY119A-ACJ SR1030IL IN430

DY156A-ABZ S7289IT IT420

EC479AA-ACJ SR1500IL FD440

EC480AA-ACJ SR1510IL FD440

EC505AA-AB4 SR1540AP SE530

EC507AA-ABF SR1507FR FR530

EC513AA-AK8 SR1510SF EL530

EC514AA-ABE SR1519ES ES530

EC515AA-ABZ SR1519IT IT530

EC516AA-ABH SR1519NL NL530

EC518AA-B1V SR1520ND EL530

EC519AA-AK8 SR1520SF EL530

EC520AA-ABU SR1519UK GB530

EC523AA-ABE SR1529ES ES530

EC524AA-ABZ SR1529IT IT530

EC530AA-ABZ SR1539IT IT530

EC531AA-ABU SR1539UK GB530

EC565AA-ABE Sr1569es ES531

EC566AA-ABZ SR1569IT IT530

EC570AA-ABZ SR1589IT IT530

EC571AA-ABE SR1579ES ES530

EC572AA-ABZ SR1599IT IT530

ED767AA-ACJ SR1502IL FD440

ED768AA-ACJ SR1506IL FD440

ED769AA-ACJ SR1512IL FD440

ED780AA-ABM SR1505LA LA530

ED781AA-ABM SR1515LA LA530

ED792AA-ABA SR1522X NA570

ED795AA-ABA SR1536NX NA530

ED813AA-AB4 SR1510AP SE530

ED829AA-ABE SR1539ES ES530

ED850AA-ABA SR1616NX NA540

ED861AA-ABA SR1603WM NA540

ED861AA-ABA SR1603WM NA541

ED865AA-ABA SR1610NX NA540

ED865AA-ABA SR1610NX NA541

ED866AA-ABA SR1611NX NA540

ED870AA-ABA SR1617CL NA540

ED878AA-ABA SR1630NX NA540

ED879AA-ABA SR1638NX NA540

ED881AA-ABA SR1650NX NA580

EG110AV-AB4 SR1660CF SE540

EG185AV-ABA SR1030Z NA580

EG214AA-ABG SR1620AN AN540

EG215AA-ABG SR1660AN AN540

EG223AA-ACJ SR1620IL FD440

EG224AA-ACJ SR1630IL FD440

EG612AA-AB1 SR1650KR KO540

EG636AA-ABE SR1597ES ES530

EG643AA-ABA SR1602HM NA540

EG646AA-ABA SR1614X NA540



EG733AA-ABA SR1620NX NA540

EG762AA-ABU SR1629UK GB540

EJ158AA-ABF SR1606FR FR540

EJ284AA-ABF SR1622FR FR540

EK324AA-ABF SR1609FR FR540

EK325AA-ABF SR1607FR FR540

EK329AA-ABH SR1609NL NL540

EK331AA-AK8 SR1610SF EL540

EK332AA-ABE SR1619ES ES540

EK333AA-ABZ SR1619IT IT540

EK334AA-ABH SR1629NL NL540

EK335AA-ABU SR1000 GB540

EK335AA-ABU SR1619UK GB540

EK340AA-ABE SR1629ES ES540

EK341AA-ABZ SR1629IT IT540

EK345AA-ABE SR1637ES ES540

EK346AA-ABZ SR1637IT IT540

EK348AA-ABF SR1649FR FR540

EK350AA-ABU SR1639UK GB540

EK353AA-ABE SR1649ES ES540

EK355AA-ABZ SR1649IT IT540

EK356AA-ABH SR1619NL NL540

EK358AA-ABE SR1659ES ES540

EK359AA-ABF SR1639FR FR540

EK360AA-ABZ SR1659IT IT540

EK362AA-ABH SR1649NL NL540

EK363AA-ABE SR1669ES ES540

EK370AA-ABE SR1677ES ES540

EK371AA-ABE SR1689ES ES540

EK372AA-ABZ SR1689IT IT540

EK373AA-ABE SR1697ES ES540

EK395AA-ABM SR1605LA LA540

EK395AA-AKV SR1605LA LA540

EK396AA-ABM SR1615LA LA540

EK396AA-AKV SR1615LA LA540

EK397AA-ABM SR1620LA LA540

EK427AA-ABM SR1617LA LA540

EK496AV-AB4 SR1760CF AP620

EL424AA-ABA SR1703WM NA610

EL424AA-ABA SR1703WM NA611

EL426AA-ABA SR1710NX NA610

EL427AA-ABA SR1711NX NA610

EL433AA-ABA SR1717CL NA610

EL435AA-ABA SR1720NX NA610

EL435AA-ABA SR1720NX NA611

EL436AA-ABA SR1722X NA650

EL437AA-ABA SR1726NX NA610

EL442AA-ABA SR1734X NA611

EL443AA-ABA SR1738NX NA610

EL445AA-ABA SR1750NX NA650

EL483AA-ABZ SR1647IT IT540

EL486AA-ABZ SR1677IT IT540

EL495AA-ABU SR1609UK GB540

EL529AA-AB1 SR1711KR KO610

EL530AA-AB1 SR1750KR KO610

EL540AA-ABG SR1720AN AN610

EL541AA-ABG SR1760AN AN610

EL552AA-ACJ SG1105IL FD440

EL556AA-ACJ SR1710IL FD440

EL557AA-ACJ SR1720IL FD440

EL558AA-ACJ SR1730IL FD440

EL559AA-ACJ SR1725IN IN610

EP016AA-ABA SR1601NX NA540

EP023AA-AB1 SR1730KR KO610

EP032AA-ACJ SG1108IL FD440

EP058AA-ABU SR1705UK GB610

EP103AA-ABU SR1709UK GB610

EP105AA-AK8 SR1710SF EL610

EP107AA-ABZ SR1719IT IT610

EP113AA-ABH SR1719NL NL610

EP114AA-ABU SR1719UK GB610

EP143AA-ABF SR1703FR FR610

EP144AA-ABE SR1729ES ES610

EP145AA-ABF SR1706FR FR610

EP146AA-ABZ SR1729IT IT610

EP150AA-ABU SR1729UK GB610

EP155AA-ABU SR1739UK GB610

EP159AA-ABE SR1749ES ES610

EP161AA-ABZ SR1749IT IT610

EP164AA-ABE SR1759ES ES610

EP165AA-ABZ SR1709IT IT610

EP167AA-ABE SR1767ES ES610

EP172AA-ABZ SR1779IT IT610

EP174AA-ABZ SR1789IT IT610

EP177AA-ABE SR1799ES ES610

EP178AA-ABZ SR1799IT IT610

EP193AA-ABE SR1757ES ES610

EP199AA-ABF SR1705FR FR610

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