Compaq Models

Please select your Compaq model in the section below to find the proper driver. If you could not find the correct drivers by yourself, or you are not sure of the device model, please contact us for help. Alternatively, you could try the easy-to-use driver update utility which could scan for your computer drivers, find problems and install matched drivers automatically.

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PC134A-ABA SR1130NX NA430

PC135A-ABA SR1151NX NA430

PC136A-ABA SR1150NX NA430

PC139A-ABA SR1115CL NA430

PC159A-ABA SR1023W NA510

PC161A-ABE S7389ES ES420

PC168A-ACJ SR1015IL IN430

PC174A-ABF S7089FR FR420

PC182A-ABA SR1103WM NA430

PC184A-ABA SR1123WM NA430

PE425A-ABE SR1029ES ES420

PE428A-ABZ S7389IT IT420

PE429A-ABZ S7489IT IT420

PE438A-ABF S7388FR FR420

PE440A-ABZ S7299IT IT420

PE458AA-AB1 SR1170KR KO430

PE478AA-AB4 SR1150A SE610

PE516A-ABM SR1001L LA510

PE517A-ABM SR1003L LA510

PE519A-ABF S7189FR FR420

PE522A-ABF SR1019FR FR420

PE547A-ABM SR1002L LA510

PE569A-ABA SR1113NX NA430

PG054AA-ABG SR1108AN AN430

PG077AA-ACJ SR1110IL IN430

PG079AA-ACJ SR1130IL IN430

PG093AA-UUC SR1110AL IN430

PG117AA-ACJ SR1115IL IN430

PG118AA-ACJ SR1105IL IN430

PG121AA-ABE SR1119ES ES430

PG156AA-ABF SR1128FR FR430

PG162AA-ABF SR1116FR FR430

PG166AA-ABF SR1138FR FR430

PJ382AA-ABU SR1129UK GB430

PJ385AA-ABU SR1180UK GB430

Pj427aa-abs Sr1000 El430

PJ449AA-ABE SR1189ES ES430

PJ450AA-ABE SR1159ES ES430

PJ457AA-ABZ SR1159IT IT430

PJ458AA-ABZ SR1169IT IT430

PJ465AA-ABE SR1179ES ES430

PJ499AA-ABU SR1109UK GB430

PJ505AA-ABA SR1210NX NA440

PJ506AA-ABA SR1215CL NA440

PJ517AA-ABA SR1220NX NA440

PJ518AA-ABA SR1230NX NA440

PJ530AA-ABA SR1214NX NA440

PJ530AA-ABA SR1214NX NA441

PJ534AA-ABA SR1250NX NA440

PJ536AA-ABA SR1265CL NA440

PJ745AV-AB4 SR1300CF SE510

PJ749AV-AB4 SR1360CF SE510

PL317AA-ABA GX5050 NA480

PL342AA-ABU SR1119UK GB430

PL392AA-AB4 SR1208AL FD440

PL394AA-UUC SR1220AL FD440

PL424AA-ACJ SR1200IL FD440

PL425AA-ACJ SR1210IL FD440

PL426AA-ACJ SR1215IL FD440

PL427AA-ACJ SR1230IL FD440

PL444AA-AB4 SR1100CF SE610

PL457AA-AB1 SR1270KR KO440

PN070AA-ABE SR1289ES ES440

PN079AA-ABF SR1204FR FR440

PN093AA-ABF SR1219FR FR440

PN100AA-ABF SR1228FR FR440

PN101AA-ABF SR1239FR FR440

PN124AA-ABU SR1219UK GB440

PN126AA-ABU SR1230UK GB440

PN127AA-ABU SR1239UK GB440

PN129AA-ABU SR1280UK GB440

PN139AA-ABZ SR1239IT IT440

PN144AA-ABZ SR1279IT IT440

PN163AA-ABH SR1219NL NL440

PN164AA-ABH SR1239NL NL440

PN182AA-AK8 SR1210SF EL440

PN184AA-AK8 SR1230SF EL440

PN211AA-ABA SR1200NX NA440

PN233AA-ABA SR1222NX NA440

PN235AA-ABA SR1232OM NA440

PN248AA-ACJ SR1250IN IN440

PP002AA-ABE SR1299ES ES440

PP003AA-ABU SR1209UK GB440

PP015AA-ABM SR1215LA LA440

PP015AA-AKV SR1215LA LA440

PP016AA-ABM SR1220LA LA440

PP018AA-ACJ SR1235IL FD440

PP097AA-ABA SR1234NX NA440

PP106AA-ABE SR1287ES ES440

PP123AA-ABF SR1207FR FR440

PP150AA-ABA SR1303WM NA510

PP150AA-ABA SR1303WM NA511

PP156AA-ABA SR1315CL NA510

PP158AA-ABA SR1320NX NA510

PP161AA-ABA SR1330NX NA510

PP184AA-ABZ SR1299IT IT440

PP195AA-ABA SR1300NX NA510

PP196AA-ABA SR1350NX NA510

PP197AA-ABA SR1365CL NA510

PP199AA-ABM SR1210LA LA440


Presario 14XL453 470009-323

Presario 1500

Presario 1710TW 231095-999

PRESARIO 1714EA 470023-585

PRESARIO 1720US 470020-430

PRESARIO 1722US 267916-005

Presario 21

Presario 21 VerB

Presario 21 VerK

Presario 21 VerX

Presario 2700

Presario 2710EA 470027-371

Presario 2715EA 470027-386

Presario 2800

Presario 4110LA 470014-748

Presario 4410LA

Presario 4420LA

Presario 4422LA

Presario 4710LA

Presario 4720LA

Presario 4720LN

Presario 5001LA 470014-481

Presario 5080US 470019-138

Presario 5103cl 470018-579

Presario 5104US 470018-931

Presario 5108US 470013-873

Presario 5119EA 470016-725

Presario 5122LA 470017-139

Presario 6002EA

Presario 6010US

Presario 6012RSH

Presario 6016US

Presario 6020US

Presario 6026RSH

Presario 6027LA

Presario 6029US

Presario 6030EA

Presario 6031CL

Presario 6032EA

Presario 6104EA

Presario 6124EA

Presario 6130LA

Presario 6134EA

Presario 6140EA

Presario 6144EA

Presario 6173EA

Presario 6182EA

Presario 6186NWA

Presario 6195EA

Presario 6196EA

Presario 6211EA

Presario 6212EA

Presario 6220EA

Presario 6233EA

Presario 6240EA

Presario 6252EA

Presario 6260EA

Presario 6265AA

Presario 6268EA

Presario 6272EA

Presario 6300CA

Presario 700EA 470020-479

Presario 700US 470020-490

Presario 701EA 470023-570

Presario 701FR 470024-540

Presario 705EA 470020-518

Presario 710US 267966-001

Presario 7111LA 470017-907

Presario 725EA 470029-725

Presario 725US 470029-662

Presario 734EA 470038-136

Presario 8142EA

Presario 8565EA

Presario 900



Professional Workstation AP550

ProLiant ML310 G1

ProLiant ML330

ProLiant ML350 G3

ProLiant ML370 G3

PS123AA-ABE SR1277ES ES440

PS136AA-ABE SR1257ES ES440

PS137AA-ABE SR1297ES ES440

PS164AA-ACJ SR1300IL FD440

PS167AA-ACJ SR1310IL FD440

PS168AA-ACJ SR1320IL FD440

PS172AA-ACJ SR1330IL FD440

PS176AA-AB4 SR1350AP SE510

PS214AA-ABE SR1320ES ES510

PS215AA-ABE SR1319ES ES510

PS216AA-ABE SR1329ES ES510

PS220AA-ABE SR1369ES ES510

PS221AA-ABE SR1379ES ES510

PS223AA-ABE SR1399ES ES510

PS237AA-ABF SR1309FR FR510

PS238AA-ABF SR1318FR FR510

PS239AA-ABF SR1319FR FR510

PS245AA-ABF SR1339FR FR510

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