Compaq Models

Please select your Compaq model in the section below to find the proper driver. If you could not find the correct drivers by yourself, or you are not sure of the device model, please contact us for help. Alternatively, you could try the easy-to-use driver update utility which could scan for your computer drivers, find problems and install matched drivers automatically.

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PS265AA-ABU SR1329UK GB510

PS266AA-ABU SR1340UK GB510

PS267AA-ABU SR1339UK GB510

PS284AA-ABZ SR1329IT IT510

PS287AA-ABZ SR1349IT IT510

PS288AA-ABZ SR1369IT IT510

PS289AA-ABZ SR1379IT IT510

PS290AA-ABZ SR1389IT IT510

PS300AA-ABH SR1319NL NL510

PS302AA-ABH SR1340NL NL510

PS324AA-B1V SR1310ND EL510

PS362AA-ABF SR1349FR FR510

PS365AA-ABH SR1310NL NL510

PS386AA-ABF SR1378FR FR510

PS389AA-ABE SR1375ES ES510

PS448AA-AB4 SR1228AP SE440

PS449AA-AB4 SR1238AP SE440

PS461AA-ABA SR1318NX NA510

PS463AA-ABA SR1319RS NA510

PS506AA-AB4 SR1260AP SE440

PS513AA-ABA SR1313CL NA510

PS523AA-ABE SR1230ES ES440

PS525AA-AB1 SR1330KR KO510

PS547AA-ACJ SR1315IL FD440

PS551AA-AB1 SR1360KR KO510

PS560AA-ABA SR1334NX NA510

PS565AA-ABA SR1401NX NA520

PS566AA-ABA SR1430NX NA520

PS569AA-ABA SR1420NX NA520

PU166AV-ABA SR1010Z NA530

PW502AA-ABA SR1428OM NA520

PW504AA-ABA SR1429NX NA520

PW505AA-ABA SR1410NX NA520

PW520AA-ABA SR1463CL NA520

PW532AA-ABA SR1403WM NA520

PW534AA-ABA SR1417CL NA520

PW540AA-AB1 SR1335KR KO510

PW558AA-ABF SR1308FR FR510

PW564AA-ABZ SR1385IT IT510

PW566AA-ABE SR1385ES ES510

PW567AA-ABE SR1395ES ES510

PW581AA-ABG SR1400AN AN520

PW583AA-ABG SR1460AN AN520

PW597AA-AB1 SR1430KR KO520

PW598AA-AB1 SR1450KR KO520

PW604AA-ACJ SR1400IL FD440

PW605AA-ACJ SR1420IL FD440

PW606AA-ACJ SR1402IL FD440

PW608AA-ACJ SR1430IL FD440

PW609AA-ACJ SR1405IN IN520

PW625AA-AB3 SR1409AL FD440

PW679AA-ABE SR1377ES ES510

PW702AA-ABM SR1417LA LA520

PW703AA-ABM SR1420LA LA520

PW704AA-ABM SR1430LA LA520

PW711AA-ABA SR1475CL NA520

PW735AA-ABE SR1367ES ES510

PW750AA-ABF SR1438FR FR520

PW762AA-AKV SR1418LA LA520

PW766AA-ABF SR1345FR FR510

PW783AA-ACJ SR1425IL FD440

PW787AA-AB4 SR1340AP SE510

PX570AA-ABE SR1419ES ES520

PX571AA-ABE SR1429ES ES520

PX572AA-ABE SR1449ES ES520

PX573AA-ABE SR1459ES ES520

PX574AA-ABE SR1469ES ES520

PX576AA-ABE SR1489ES ES520

PX577AA-ABE SR1495ES ES520

PX594AA-ABF SR1407FR FR520

PX595AA-ABF SR1408FR FR520

PX597AA-ABF SR1458FR FR520

PX600AA-ABF SR1428FR FR520

PX628AA-ABU SR1420UK GB520

PX629AA-ABU SR1429UK GB520

PX630AA-ABU SR1439UK GB520

PX631AA-ABU SR1440UK GB520

PX644AA-ABZ SR1479IT IT520

PX696AA-ABZ SR1459IT IT520

PX698AA-ABZ SR1429IT IT520

PX701AA-ABZ SR1469IT IT520

PX734AA-ABA SR1426NX NA520

PX776AA-ABM SR1405LA LA520

PX786AA-ABA SR1500NX NA530

PX786AA-ABA SR1500NX NA531

PX787AA-ABA SR1503WM NA530

PX787AA-ABA SR1503WM NA531

PX789AA-ABA SR1510NX NA530

PX790AA-ABA SR1511NX NA530

PX796AA-ABA SR1517CL NA530

PX800AA-ABA SR1519X NA530

PX801AA-ABA SR1520NX NA530

PX805AA-ABA SR1563CL NA530

PX807AA-ABA SR1575CL NA530

PY040AA-ACJ SR1435IL FD440

PY059AA-ABA SR1550NX NA530

PY066AA-ABG SR1500AN AN530

PY067AA-ABG SR1520AN AN530

PY068AA-ABG SR1560AN AN530

PY074AA-ACJ SR1505IL FD440

PY075AA-ACJ SR1520IL FD440

PY077AA-ACJ SR1530IL FD440

PY078AA-ACJ SR1515IN IN520

PY097AA-ABU SR1421UK GB520

PY098AA-ABZ SR1425IT IT520

PY099AA-ABZ SR1495IT IT520

PY127AA-AB1 SR1530KR KO530

PY146AA-AB3 SR1510AL FD440

PY149AA-ABA SR1502HM NA530

RA841AA-ABE SR1909ES ES630

RA842AA-ABE SR1919ES ES630

RA847AA-ABE SR1969ES ES630

RA849AA-ABE SR1989ES ES630

RA871AA-ABF SR1918FR FR630

RA900AA-ABF SR1911FR FR630

RA927AA-ABZ SR1929IT IT630

RA950AA-ABH SR1949NL NL630

RB063AA-ABA SR1901WM NA630

RB094AA-ABA SR1913WM NA670

RB101AA-ABA SR1923WM NA670

RB120AA-ABA SR1934NX NA670

RB123AA-ACJ SR1922IL FD440

RC519AA-ABE SR1847ES ES620

RC522AA-ABU SR1937UK GB630

RC538AA-ABF SR1908FR FR630

RC557AA-AB1 SV2051KR KO640

RC558AA-AB1 SV2071KR KO640

RC566AA-ACJ SR1921IL FD440

RC567AA-ACJ SR1923IL FD440

RC568AA-ACJ SR1931IL FD440

RC684AA-ABA SR2002X NA640

RE467AA-ABA SR2010NX NA640

RE468AA-ABA SR2013WM NA680

RE468AA-ABA SR2013WM NA681

RE471AA-ABA SR2017CL NA680

RE473AA-ABA SR2020NX NA680

RE474AA-ABA SR2023WM NA680

RE476AA-ABA SR2050NX NA680

RE477AA-ABA SR2039X NA680

RE480AA-AB4 SR1720CF FD440

RE481AA-ABM SR1901LS FD440

RF146AA-UUW SR1909SC EL630

RF147AA-UUW SR1939SC EL630

RF183AA-ABM SR2001LS FD440

RF185AA-ABM SR2003LS FD440

RF186AA-ABM SR2005LA LA640

RF187AA-ABM SR2015LA LA640

RF187AA-AKV SR2015LA LA640

RF188AA-ABM SR2017LA LA640

RF190AA-ABM SR2020LA LA640

RF241AA-ABA SR1936X NA670

RF249AA-ABE SR1927ES ES630

RF250AA-ABE SR1947ES ES630

RF259AA-AB4 SR1900AP AP630

RF261AA-AB4 SR1902AP AP630

RF263AA-AB4 SR1905AP AP630

RF279AA-ACJ SG1236IL FD440

RF280AA-ACJ SG1238IL FD440

RF753AA-ABE SR2049ES ES680

RF756AA-ABE SR2019ES ES680

RF757AA-ABE SR2009ES ES680

RF768AA-ABF SR2005FR FR680

RF769AA-ABF SR2006FR FR680

RF785AA-ABU SR2029UK GB680

RF786AA-ABU SR2019UK GB680

RF787AA-ABU SR2009UK GB640

RF800AA-ABA SR2011WM NA680

RF831AA-ABF SR1910FR FR630

RF864AA-ACJ SG1134IL FD440

RF865AA-ABZ SR1959IT IT630

RF870AA-ACJ SR1926IN AP640

RF882AA-ABA SR2034NX NA680

RH961AA-ABF SR2008FR FR680

RJ006AA-ACJ SR1924IL FD440

RJ007AA-ACJ SR1928IL FD440

RJ036AA-ABA SR2030NX NA680

RJ075AA-ABZ SR2019IT IT680

RJ076AA-ABZ SR2029IT IT640

RJ077AA-ABZ SR2039IT IT680

RJ106AA-UUW SR2009SC EL680

RJ107AA-UUW SR2019SC EL680

RJ160AA-ABE SR2069ES ES680

RJ161AA-ABE SR2079ES ES680

RJ162AA-ABE SR2089ES ES680

RJ761AA-ABH SR2029NL NL640

RJ763AA-ABH SR2039NL NL640


RJ765AA-ACJ SG1237IL FD440

RJ766AA-ACJ SG1239IL FD440

RK513AA-ABA SR2032X NA680

RK520AA-ABF SR2029FR FR680






RK553AA-ABA SR2001NX NA640

RK554AA-ABA SR2027X NA680

RK556AA-ABA SR2037X NA680

RK559AA-ABE SR2029ES ES680

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